Sunday, September 12, 2010

beachy keen...

I am an unabashed purse junkie - all colors, all sizes, all shapes, but never any money to keep inside :D I have been needing [read wanting] a new beach tote for a while now. Pleated bags have been showing up everywhere and I am definitely on the bandwagon! I really liked the Birdie Sling, but that was a bit more bag than I needed and I'm a slacker - Amy Butler patterns are extremely well written, but make me tired around step 37 [she has loads of details and lots of steps in her patterns!]

I modified a tutorial I found on the Warehouse Fabrics website. I changed the pleating pattern and slightly altered the shape. I also wanted to use a big button with a loop - I find that having some type of closure prevents me from accidentally dumping the contents of my purse out at inconvenient times [i.e. in a restaurant, grabbing it out of the backseat of my car, in the movie theater, etc.]

With all the accessories that I carry around - cell phone, ipod, journal, pens, keys - pockets are a must! The tutorial included pockets, but these are my own design [easier when you don't have to follow instructions :]. I used duck cloth for the lining, it gave the bag alot of support and structure.

Sadly, I have no use for a beach bag as we are quickly heading into fall! There are, however, things to rejoice in: football games, chili, baked goods with cinnamon, fresh apples, brisk mornings snuggled in a quilt, and beautiful new colors for the trees.

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  1. this bag is so pretty..i love it

  2. Cute bag. I found myself recently falling in love with that fabric when thinking of a big diaper bag too.