Wednesday, April 13, 2011

up next on the quilting block...

As I shared earlier - I do indeed have another quilt neatly folded and ready for the quilting to begin. [alas, I still wish I had the patience or the machine or the skill to quilt a full size...] The Bloggers' Block-A-Palooza quilt is finished!

This is attempt numero 2 at on-point piecing. The basic on-point construction in my Diving for Diamonds quilt was simple enough. Upping the skill level for this quilt I attempted to add sashing. Which didn't quite turn out as I had planned [i.e. don't look too close at some of the point/intersections]. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what had to be sewn to what and in which order for those to work out - so if anyone has suggestions or a tutorial they can direct me to, I would love the help!

The leftover blocks I made are destined for pillows. This was a great qal - always something new to look forward to on Mondays and Thursdays! I was a little hesitant to make the cut into my Lotus stash, but I think it definitely paid off :) Well, a little dog is lovingly staring up at me asking for a food bowl refill - Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

stop, block, and roll...

I sew and blog as a hobby... you know something that you do voluntarily, something with limited outside pressure or force... So sometimes, I get behind on my blogging and I have to force myself to be okay with that. No one will die, my income will not be affected - in short, no major tragedies are happening because I disappear off of the interweb for a time. And though I have not been posting, I have been lurking around some inspirational blogs and continuing to craft.
Keeping up with the Nittany Block Party has been going well. In March, Dena asked us to make mod mosaics using the Oh, Fransson tutorial. I really love this finished product and enjoyed the process to boot. Yes, there is a tinge of surprise in that statement. I was hesitant to dive in, but now want to start a quilt of my own using this technique. Oh the options - scrappy, coordinated, color wheel style, all of one line... I think they all have their particular appeal.

In February we made improv style rectangular and square blocks for Rachel.

I also wanted to share with you the final installment of blocks for the Blogger's Block-A-Palooza quilt along. Are you impressed that I had all of my blocks completed in a timely manner? [even before finishing instructions were posted!] In fact - these blocks are now in a completed quilt top that I finished two Sundays ago! [if you want to see these blocks a litle closer, click on the image to head on over to my flickr]I also have another top completed using an Odyssea charm pack and am putting the binding on a baby quilt made with a Lovely charm pack. So, no sewing slacker here [just a posting slacker :]

Last week was spring break around here... spring break with snow accumulation doesn't seem very springy to me. [this unfortunate weather is, by the way, why my pictures on this post are so muddy :[ Here's to hoping for sunshine [SOON]!