Wednesday, March 23, 2011

diving for diamonds...

Many moons ago, in a place not so far away was a land of dolphins, and seals, and penguins, and killer whales. Amongst the plethora of now-defunct businesses in Ohio lies Sea World Aurora. One of my fondest childhood memories is an elementary field trip to Sea World that my mom and grandma came along to chaperon. From that trip I have 1) memories and 2) a Shamu made from really stinky plastic. One of the attractions I remember was pearl diving - divers are in a giant clear tank and you watch them swim to the bottom and emerge with a pearl. And that, my friends, was the catalyst in the naming process for my latest quilt finish: diving for diamonds.

This is my first 'on-point' quilt. It was really not all that complicated, I just needed to do some math and figuring before I started out - and thank goodness for a design wall to help me lay it all out before sewing! On-point just helps a quilt to shine, next time you are over on flickr take a look at how many quilts are posed in close-up pictures to look as though they are on point. Point envy, perhaps :)

A confession: I accidentally bought backing fabric twice, so the quilt got a border and a considerable boost in size. I am CONSIDERING quilting this myself [eek, I'm scared!] A few more practices with my darning foot, and I think I might be ready! My quilting templates are already drawn up for the borders :)

Want to know a little more about what happened to Sea World Ohio? There are details here and here.


  1. Heidi, I remember going with you, your mom, dad and Grandma Esther to Sea World when you were probably 3 or 4 and your mom and dad let me get one of the pearls from the diving--it felt so glamorous to have a pearl! LOVE this quilt, so beautiful!

  2. many fond memories of Sea World in Aurora for me too. Love your quilt, it's beautiful!

  3. This is lovely - the fabrics are so much fun and on point really does show them off.

  4. So pretty! Good luck with the quilting, I'm sure it will turn out great! :)