Monday, June 7, 2010

spring block swappin'...

Well April may not have had the whole lion/lamb scenario happening, but May certainly did! May ended and June began with terrential rain storms and on Saturday we were visited by a tornado! Many folks near us had shingles torn off their homes, trees uprooted, and flooded basements. We were lucky with only 'secondary damage.' You may be wondering what I mean by secondary damage... Living in small town America means that a tornado is the talk of the town - and yes, that means you have to go drive by it [and not watch where you are driving]. So as I was stopped behind someone turning left, the person behind me rear ended me. Apparently watching people pull a giant tarp over their house was the thing to look out for. No major damage that I know of - we will probably take the car to get checked out at the dealership to make sure that is the case. Nothing says Sunday like hanging out on the side of the road with our friendly neighborhood police officer :] storm details

On a friendlier note, we had some little visitors in our yard the other day! Three little birdies were scattered around our yard last Tuesday. Momma bird was responding to their tweets, carrying worms around to each one of them.

Oooh, look - something crafty on a craft blog :] Mary sent us on an adventure, this was my first attempt at foundation piecing. She provided the fabric and the printed muslin squares. I was able to finish 1 1/2 blocks, it was fun to learn but I still struggle with choosing the right size fabric piece to use.

p.s. still looking for a couple of testers for my sewing machine cover tutorial - any takers?


  1. I've been wanting to make a sewing machine cover. I'll give it a try. Jan

  2. I too have been wanting to make both a sewing machine and Serger cover. I would love to try to out for you! marinewife1023 at gmail dot com

  3. Love the foundation pieced block!

    I just live up Main Street from you and am willing to be a tester too...All three of my machines need covers!