Thursday, May 27, 2010

still alive and crafty...

Yep, I'm still here. During my first year in the blogosphere, I have definitely noticed some spring/summer trends. There is a sense of remorse and abandonment when nearly a month goes by and my blog has gone untouched. I am consoled when I check in with google reader and see the multitude of post titles with sentiments like 'I'm back,' 'missing in action,' 'sorry it has been so long,' etc. It looks like the spring and early summer months are universally busy, and my life is certainly no exception. Regardless, I have managed to eek out a few projects that I hope to share with you soon [even some UFOs - imagine that!]

For now, I'll share with you my swap blocks for April [no worries - they were finished and sent long before this post, in fact my May blocks are posted at this point] Jennie requested blocks using Riley Blake's All Star fabric. We were given creative control over the design with the only requirement being the block would be 9" finished. This was my first wonky star attempt - I really enjoyed it! I have already made nearly 20 stars since this one. Super easy following the tutorial over at The Silly BooDilly.

This was a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills with the kaleidoruler I recently purchased. I love these blocks and I am finally getting the hang of this ruler and the ABSOLUTE need for cutting accuracy [I'm afraid I've grown far to fond of the 'wonky-modern' process :]

What has been keeping you consumed this spring? Any projects coming together for you? I'd love to hear :]

note: I am looking for a couple of people to test out my sewing machine cover tutorial. Anyone interested? It's my first full on tute and I want to make sure it's accurate and clear.


  1. Glad to have you back! I've missed your postings. :) Consumed seems like the right word for spring and summer. Spring has just rushed by - and now the heat and humidity is already here. I've been busy with Noah's birthday, gardening (flowers and vegetables), spring cleaning, and Lost. I haven't done anything craft related probably over a month. I have pieces cut out for the last few blocks of a quilt and I'm hoping I can get that accomplished soon. And summer looks like it will be just as action packed. :)

  2. nice blocks! things definitely do get busier here in the summertime. there are just too many lovely choices of things to be doing with my time!

  3. Love both of these blocks! I found your blog through flickr... Would love to try your tutorial :)