Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pretty penny...

I am back on the unfinished object [ufo] bandwagon! Over the weekend I chalked one up on the finished list. A long time ago in a place far away I made these pansies out of hand dyed wool. [seriously a long time ago; like 7 years ago!] I rediscovered them while sorting the massive pile of UFOs. I put it into the 'this doesn't have too much work left on it' stack.

Anywho, I had 4 pink and 4 purple pansies finished and out of those I made one large penny rug and two small penny mats. I love the coffee colored wool next to the purple and pink.

The small mats would be perfect on a table or even for a trivet. the original plan was to stitch 4 flowers along the edges of each of these mats. Ultimately I thought it looked to crowded - one per mat really helps the pansy to standout.

Are you working on any ufos right now? Would love to hear about your progress :]

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  1. hi...i found your blog...very fun...love the pansies...do you have a pattern for them?...i would love to make a bunch of them and use them on the edge of a tablerunner that i am working on...thanks...barbara