Saturday, April 3, 2010

block party...

Can it really be April already? Didn't 2010 just begin? I'm not sure where the time goes, but it certainly does go by quickly. March was Carin's month for the block swap. We are both avid followers of the Oh, Fransson! blog - which you simply must peruse if you have not been there! Elizabeth offers up a variety of fabulous tutorials [in addition to some for-sale patterns]. Carin asked each of us to make a block using the 'Map of the States' tutorial. The process was a little time intensive, but I liked the finished product.

While I had the waxed paper out, I decided to try my hand at a block using my stash. I think it turned out pretty well - and SURPRISE it's a pillow now . [YES, the obsession continues]

I have a tiny bit of this Japanese print left in my stash - I love that I could use it as a focus fabric is in this project.

I am enjoying playing around with machine quilting. I am certainly not ready to take on a larger project, but making quilted pillow tops is fun for the time being!
This pillow is looking for a home in my etsy shop.


  1. this pillow is adorable. i love the fabrics

  2. This pillow turned out AMAZING! Do you have a favorite pattern or tutorial you use for making your pillow cases?