Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a change of season...

Spring has finally decided to show up, and it seems as though we may have skipped right into summer - it was in the 80s this past week! I think that the last of the winter decorations has finally made its way up to the attic. [how is it that there is always one snowman lurking around after you have lugged the last box upstairs?!]

I took some time to re-purpose some centerpieces we made for the Young Life banquet. This is a really simple project. You need: a clay pot [painted or unpainted, these were left from my wedding!], floral foam, newspaper, moss, a tree branch, and some trimmings. The foam is nestled in the clay pot, then surrounded by crumpled newspaper to hold it tightly in place. Insert tree branch, cover base with moss, decorate tree.

These tiny mushroom birds are perfect, I think. I couldn't resist them at the craft store. I like that they add little splashes of color to the project.

My garden gnome [on sale from JoAnn Fabrics!] keeps watch over the tree and his feathered friends. Gnomes are really everywhere, aren't they? It seems they are no longer relegated to 'pink flamingo' status, but are now posh and modern :] Do you have a gnome lurking about?


  1. i love this...i love birds and sticks and gnomes...this is like the perfect storm of decorating. great idea

  2. I don't have any gnomes, but I do still have a little snowman that sits above my sink all year round. :) I like to look at him and pretend it's not so hot and humid in mid summer. :)