Friday, August 21, 2009

temptation island...

OK - so this isn't a craft, a recipe, or even a decorating tip - it is just a confession. I probably haven't partaken of 'regular' soda in several years, but today the cheerwine in the fridge was calling my name and I just couldn't take it anymore. So, today for lunch I had chips and cheerwine - so delicious!

If you don't know cheerwine, you should! It is produced (and almost exclusively distributed) in North Carolina. One of our kid's had relatives in from the Carolinas and he brought a case of it to Campaigners. (Thanks Skippy!) Cheerwine is like a more cherry-ey tasting cherry Dr. Pepper. Oh, and it is completely non-alcoholic :0)


  1. I had to laugh yesterday when Jonathan came home with a can of Cheerwine that a coworker had given him. :) It was excellent. I think we need to start some kind of compaign to get it up here. I saw on their website that they are distributing in WV, so we wouldn't be too far away... Also saw they make a Diet version, which would be better for the waistline. I was tempted to buy some online, but the shipping costs more than the pop, sooo I guess I'll just have to take a drive south. (You know, because that would be cheaper...)