Friday, August 14, 2009

spring in summer...

Hooray for the second project to emerge complete from the cardboard box of unfinished objects! By my calculations these wool pieces have been cut out in a plastic bag for 4 years.

This project has been an interesting process - originally to be appliqued onto a skirt, my ideas on how to finish the project were many; maybe a bag, perhaps a pillow, a pretty wallhanging, or even a table runner. But as a happy coincidence, this little flower basket fit perfectly into a vintage frame I had! I am very pleased with my self as I made my own backing board and even used finishing nails to hold the project in place.

It feels good to see something through to completion - so many pieces of my life never see a concrete conclusion. So I shall celebrate today!

note: the laptop bag is moving along, still a ufo
(UFOs=UnFinished Objects)

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