Monday, August 17, 2009

happy squid-day to you...

To celebrate Aaron's birthday, I wanted to give him his very own squid... Well, not a real squid of course, but a Squid USB cover. Since the unfortunate death of his ipod (moment of silence) he has been in need of a portable drive. I think this 4gb jump drive will be perfect. As an added bonus it sports its very own, handmade cover. He is constructed from teal wool-felt. I simply hand stitched his body together and then turned him rso. Then, with some scissor snips and a few tugs, I formed his tentacles. The eyes were a little bit of a challenge, I tried several iris variations, but ultimately decided that plain black eyes were best! The USB drive just slides in under the tentacles and is ready for use. I had to leave him a note: 'hope you don't get ink all over your laptop!'

note: I must confess, this is NOT my original idea. There is a great artist on etsy who creates these charming guys...

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  1. Very cool! :) And 4 Gigs on an itty bitty drive still seems like a huge leap in technology from the days of our first computer at home. Oh 3.5" floppies, how much I .... don't.... miss you. :-D