Thursday, February 24, 2011

new york beauties...

Has it hit you? You know, that moment of craft inspiration. You are poking around flickr, reading blogs, at a quilt guild meeting and it just hits you... "I NEED that" says the little voice in your head. That moment of inspiration hit when I saw Jennie's gorgeous New York Beauty blocks. The love was so intense that the fact that I had never successfully done any paper piecing didn't even phase me. I had been bitten by the quilt bug. Next step: load up on more brights and small black and white prints.

It was a labor of love - and some of the blocks were completed with the help of my block swap friends. I couldn't help but add the paper pieced flying geese border. All of the little prints make it feel almost like an I spy quilt - which is pretty cool in my book.

Now, like many a project before it, this little quilt will be stacked on the to-be-quilted pile. Are you tempted to start work on some New York Beauties of your own? Stay tuned - I have a giveaway coming up in the next post!


  1. That is gorgeous! What patience you must have. I have successfully completed one paper pieced project & swore it was my last! Nice job!

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous! I got "bit" by the NYB bug over a year ago, and drool over photos and plans, but have not managed yet to clear a spot on the projects list (which will take me into 2012 without new additions). Maybe when I get a few other things done...

  3. Yes I am bit but good after seeing this!