Saturday, February 19, 2011

i'm a joiner [blog-a-palooza update]...

As I shared with everyone a few posts ago - I got the bug and am swimming right along in the fast current of online swaps and quilt alongs! Here are the latest blocks I created for the Bloggers' Block-A-Palooza quilt along. I am doing fairly well keeping up with the blocks [just not so well with sharing them online!] Above is block #3 designed by Amanda over at Sasikirana Handmade. I love the incidental bear paw pattern that forms in the corners! It is like a tricky little optical illusion :)

Block #4 is the brain child of Cherri. The simple look of this block is really nice - love how it highlights the pinwheel fabric.

Moving right along is block #5 by Kaye. Did I mention they like flying geese in this quilt along?

And the flying geese just keep on flocking in with block #6 by Monica. Click on over just to see how fab her tutorial looks - amazing what a talented artist can do with Adobe Illustrator!

The sun may be out and about today - making it a record breaking TWO DAYS in a row! It never ceases to amaze me who exciting a 40 degree day can be as we approach spring.

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  1. I'm saying this in a non-creepy non-stalker non-weirdo way... but I think I love you! Your blocks are amazing. And fabulous. And stunning. And beautiful. And you elevated them into a new dimension with your great use of fabrics and colors and placement. And I'm out of breath because they took my breath away.