Sunday, February 20, 2011

extrinsic motivation...

I'll admit it; gold stars were an important part of elementary school. Generally I am a pretty self motivated person - doing things because they are right or should be done, but occasionally I am encouraged by the promise of extras. John posted on the Blog-A-Palooza page that there are midpoint giveaways in the works. The fine print: all of our blocks, #1-#8 must be posted in the flickr pool. Now I have been doing pretty well keeping up with this quilt along [my block 8 was finished on Saturday] - but what I don't do well is take pictures, edit said pictures, upload, and blog about my projects in a timely manner. The promise of possible free loot is what made this post happen. Above is block #7. I like to think of it as a personal gift that Heather gave to me. Boy did I need a little break from flying geese and tiny squares! The block looks great and is easy to put together [there was a moment of pure bliss when I realized the relatively low number of seams I had to deal with when sewing rows together :]

Block #8 required the use of some applique muscles. No needle-turn here, thank you. Simple Heat and Bond Lite did the trick and I machine stitched around the shapes. Angela's basket is a little different. It isn't at all that I am super creative [especially since I borrowed this arrangement from someone else!] - my choice to change the layout was because I couldn't seem to fit all those triangles in a pleasing manner.

So there you have it... Block #9 will soon be awaiting my attention already :)

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