Thursday, February 3, 2011

boots made for walking...

We are still in full on winter mode here in Ohio. The last few days we have been dealing with ice, lots of ice. Sophie is not a fan of this weather - poor thing, her back legs slip out from under her on the sidewalk and she falls through the ice when she tries walking on the snow piles.

Snow, ice, and the salt used to melt said snow and ice, are bad for little puppy toes. Armed with fleece, non-skid fabric, and some elastic I put together some simple boots to soothe Sophie's frozen feet. I loosely followed the general pattern found here.

She was a little skeptical of her new footware for the first couple of days - the shoes underwent some chewing and attempts were made to lose them on our walks. Now she has settled in quite nicely, and it is great to have dry feet when we come back in [less footprints on our sofa and bed!]

This is day three with no school. I have a love/hate relationship with being snowed in. It is nice to not be able to go anywhere, but since I can do alot of work from home it just means extra hours in front of the computer. Plus I am going a little stir crazy and running dangerously low on white thread [again!] Hopefully the winter blues will pass soon... can't wait for the sun to return!


  1. she is smiling about her cute

  2. Ack! So cute! Our old lady braves the snow but sometimes I have to clean snow clumps from between her toes!

  3. LOL...that last pic looks like she is smiling...she has warm toes!!!

  4. this is just too sweet! good for you and what a very lucky little pooch! i just found your site through the Flickr pin cushion swap and look forward to getting lost here!