Saturday, January 9, 2010

there's those wise guys...

Did you know that the wise men finally arrived? January 6th [twelve days after Christmas] is considered old Christmas or Epiphany. Biblically the wise men didn't make it to Bethlehem for some time after Jesus birthday. Old Christmas marks this occasion. I thought that this week would be a time to show off my sweet nativity set. Love it...

The set clearly has a modern, clean look - but I do love the very stylistically different manger! [yep, I picked that baby up at a thrift store :] Derrick is still unsure that the figures 'match' the stable.

Love it...


  1. The figures don't match the stable but that's the charm of combining the styles. It IS sweet, and thanks for the post about Old Christmas. :)

  2. Very cool Heidi! Just one thing though - Joseph is looking a little old with the white beard. Hope he can keep up with the king of kings ;D