Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wonky world...

Just an update on my wonky log cabin. The quilt-along officially began August 31 - so I am just one month into it. Here is what has been accomplished: collected fabrics (check), purchased square cutting template (check), cut about a billion strips (check), completed 7 blocks (CHECK!)

These are just the latest that I have completed. Have a favorite? Check out all of the amazing work that is going on with others in the

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Football games, the fair, hoodies, colorful leaves - it's fall! I'm sure I will soon be ready for warm summer afternoons, but for now I enjoy chilly mornings perfect for snuggling up with my favorite quilt. I have a few fall-ish projects that have been in the works.

Derrick and I have returned to the task of home-making; making little paper houses that is. I really enjoy creating 'putz' houses for Christmas - you know all those little cardboard houses you find at flea markets for under your tree? We tested out a spooky fall variation - what do you think?
I like the bat, he adds some whimsy; and the pumpkins are painted pebbles (why buy when you can create :) The base is matte board covered with real dried leaves. There is a circle punched in the back of the house the perfect size for a little Christmas light - the windows are made of vellum so it gives off a spooky glow!

They are quite the time consuming little buggers, we enjoy being together with our faithful partners, Mulder & Scully. (sadly, we have just requested the FINAL season from the library - just one more season of our favorite conspiracy theorists...)

Also on the seasonal end of things, a little stuffed turkey, not for consumption, please.

I was in the card making mood for a while and created a few, these little owls were just too cute to pass up. I think they make great little notes for any fall occasion.

note: all of these items have just debuted in my etsy shop (it's fall over there now too!). check it out if you get a chance.

Monday, September 21, 2009

kitchen chemistry...

In college, my favorite courses were always connected to food science. From nutrition & wellness to how acids change the structure of meats (heatless cooking) - I love the thought of 'daily' life interacting with the scientific. My latest project brought a touch of the chem lab into my kitchen... My new (and first) spice rack!

I purchased the test tubes and corks on etsy. I printed labels out using the avery circle template (free on their website) and used a circle paper punch to cut them down to size. Then I used some trusty mod-podge to attach the labels to circles of scrapbooking papers.

I was so excited to win a test tube holder on ebay (only $9.99) and SO disappointed when my test tubes were too big! Nevertheless, I persevered; cutting out the wire frame work and creating a new one. Certainly not as nice as the original commercial made one - but all of my spices fit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

pillow people...

here's more... This one courtesy of Allison over at cluck, cluck, sew. I think the colors and the shape are just beautiful! And hey, I already have some of those buttons in my stash!

Monday, September 14, 2009

wonky post...

I am excited to share my first few blocks for the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along!
In the beginning, the outer border was all white - it just wasn't working for me. So I wonkified the white border and added yet another one. In the end, the blocks will be sashed together with white strips, I just didn't like how wide they ended up being when you placed to blocks together (both with white borders).
I would love to hear your thoughts :0)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

something wonky this way comes...

The quilt is now in progress! The rotary cutter and mat came out of hiding and yardage became 3", 2", & 1.5"strips.

I am anxiously awaiting the last few Internet finds I ordered to complete this quilt. I really LOVE the flowers on green - I'm thinkin' pillowcases. (READ: Having a hard time cutting this piece up!)

A novice to the 'wonky world,' I decided to test out a block using scraps. I enjoyed the improv style, but this will be a somewhat time consuming project. With each additional strip, the block needs to be pressed and rotary cut. Let's just say there is alot of up and down from the sewing machine. I am excited to see this quilt finished in all of it's wonky glory!

note: I made this block into a purse, it's for sale in my etsy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

pillow fight...

Alright, so I am getting a little ahead of myself... I have started to amass a photo collection of someday pillows I want to make AFTER my wonky log cabin is complete.

Design and inspiration are funny, you have to strike while the iron is hot (haha, irony on a craft blog...) Thanks to quiltdad's flickr page, I have my first 'must have' pillows! They are from Anthropologie and a little pricey at $78 a piece (ouch - think of all the fabric you could buy for that :0) The bedding is also o-so-lovely in the first picture.

I am salivating a little thinking about using up the scraps of my prettiest fabrics all in one project! I enjoy how ecclectic these pillows are, using fabrics one might not readily put together. I am thinking that left-over log cabin strips would be wonderful for this pillow. I think that the pillow body could be muslin with strips sewn on the top, maybe even leaving the edges unfinished. More to come I'm sure...

Friday, September 4, 2009

momma mia...

Feeling in an ever so 'bakey' (the culinary version of crafty) mood, I put together some homemade pizza crusts. There is something about making a recipe with yeast in it that, well, makes me feel like a true baker. As if somehow I am back in the 'olden' days, REALLY cooking from scratch. Pizza night was a fun-filled evening, complete with card games. I made a traditional pepperoni and cheese and one tomato basil pizza. What can be better than vegetables fresh from your garden - vegetables fresh from your neighbors garden. All the joy without the back breaking work. A little bit of garden poaching happening here. These beauties are from the neighbors raised bed - how nice she is to share! Green beans from Royce & Marlene's garden. I was so excited - a whole grocery bag of green beans to snap!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

let it snow...

Okay, so I am not ready for snowflakes yet, but these little snowballs are! Another project has been dusted off and worked to completion. I love using these for credit cards and a little cash - they're just the right size. As I have looked through the box of ufos (UnFinishedObject), it appears that I am most inspired during the Christmas season. Winter projects abound, but winter must also be a time that I am easily distracted because, until now, none of these projects saw the light of day.

After a quick sew of the lining, this little bag is ready for the ball. hmmm... also a wintery project!

(note: the laptop case is still unfinished. The ufo d'jour is a tree skirt, who knew, another winter project!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

pinky & the giraffee...

Welcome (soon) baby girl K! My friend Aimee has been a great source of comfort and encouragement this summer. Their family of 3 will turn into a family of 4 in September with the addition of a little girl.

I enjoy baby quilts - a sense of accomplishment without a major undertaking because of their small size. I like to think of this quilt as an altered ufo. I used a charm pack (Moda: Sanctuary by 3 Sisters), backing, and binding fabric that had already taken up residence in my stash. I was so proud that the only new purchase for this project was the pink polka dot (which is FABULOUS by the way)!

The little giraffe is fused using wonder under, then finished with a buttonhole stitch. I think hes cute! I hand quilted around him to give the block a little pop.

A source of pride: nearly perfect mitered corners on the binding! They are super easy once you get the hang of it and it makes such a difference in the finished project! (a little Marlene tip :0)

I had to add a tag. This is a small piece of rug binding and a sharpie pen. I'll be taking a look at tags later on - there are so many options to add your signature to handmade items! Finished size is approximately 36"x40" - which means a yard is the perfect size for backing!