Friday, September 4, 2009

momma mia...

Feeling in an ever so 'bakey' (the culinary version of crafty) mood, I put together some homemade pizza crusts. There is something about making a recipe with yeast in it that, well, makes me feel like a true baker. As if somehow I am back in the 'olden' days, REALLY cooking from scratch. Pizza night was a fun-filled evening, complete with card games. I made a traditional pepperoni and cheese and one tomato basil pizza. What can be better than vegetables fresh from your garden - vegetables fresh from your neighbors garden. All the joy without the back breaking work. A little bit of garden poaching happening here. These beauties are from the neighbors raised bed - how nice she is to share! Green beans from Royce & Marlene's garden. I was so excited - a whole grocery bag of green beans to snap!

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  1. Your pizzas look great. They are making me hungry. :) I love making my own crust too, but I cheat and use the bread maker. I bet that thing has put out over 100 crusts since we got it 7 years ago. I really miss my garden this year. Not the weeding or caring, just the harvest. :) Hopefully I will be able to have a large one next year, and a freezer to put things in.