Tuesday, September 8, 2009

something wonky this way comes...

The quilt is now in progress! The rotary cutter and mat came out of hiding and yardage became 3", 2", & 1.5"strips.

I am anxiously awaiting the last few Internet finds I ordered to complete this quilt. I really LOVE the flowers on green - I'm thinkin' pillowcases. (READ: Having a hard time cutting this piece up!)

A novice to the 'wonky world,' I decided to test out a block using scraps. I enjoyed the improv style, but this will be a somewhat time consuming project. With each additional strip, the block needs to be pressed and rotary cut. Let's just say there is alot of up and down from the sewing machine. I am excited to see this quilt finished in all of it's wonky glory!

note: I made this block into a purse, it's for sale in my etsy!

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