Thursday, July 30, 2009

something a little shady...

Shouldn't there be a fanfare? Trumpets blaring? Crowds cheering? Someone announcing a public holiday? Perhaps it could be called 'Roman shade day.' Yes, I have at last finished my Roman shades! Taking no less than a month to complete (really that's not too bad for me, considering it took 6 years to finish my last project), the shades are now hung up and look lovely. I am still considering additions to the window treatment; a swag, sheers, even curtains at the sides? Any input would be appreciated. For now, I will sit back and enjoy another completed project! Each section of the shade pulls up neatly underneath the next. To hold the shade in place, the cording is wrapped around silver cleats. There is something really aesthetically pleasing about how smoothly the cording drapes over the metal cleat.

Note: To make these I used a book called So Simple Window Style by Cate Burren & Gail Abott t
hat I bought at the Cupboard. It is really a great book with a ton of step-by-step (with pictures!) instructions for various window treatments. Apparently it is not available anymore, but Amazon has it listed used for 57cents and (my fave site) has it listed as low as 75cents - I'm telling you it's a deal!! It almost makes me want to buy a couple to give as gifts!

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