Monday, November 29, 2010

hemishperes quilt...

I added another one to the needs-quilted pile! I started this quilt months ago, but lost a little momentum along the way. Following this tutorial over on cluck cluck sew, I used my handy dandy circle ruler with my rotary cutter.

This block goes together pretty quickly - there is alot of waste left over from trimming the excess fabric off the back of the quadrants. I'm not sure what to do with a million or so [not uniform] triangles.

I used up nearly all of my coveted bubbles in gray by Kaffe Fassett. I wanted to add on a border but couldn't find any additional yardage [that wasn't $20+/yard].

When I finished the individual blocks I was just not thrilled with the way they looked right next to one another. I am not sure if it was the fabrics I chose or what, it just looked too dark. Then a serendipitous moment, when I layed the blocks out on my sewing table I loved the off-white of the table separating the blocks. Enter Kona in bone... Sashing proved to be the perfect solution.

I would love to have it quilted with swirls in the circles and some kind of grid quilting or pebbles in the sashing. I have still not had any luck finding a machine quilter. Many of the quilters I have contacted don't do the free hand work and some I have emailed haven't responded at all! Do you have any recommendations for a quality quilter at a reasonable price??


  1. Wow! I just love this quilt! The colors are so beautiful. I made a quilt from that tutorial when I first started quilting and had disastrous results. I've been itching to make another one and "do it right" this time around. This quilt has given me another push. I hope you find a quilter soon so we can see it in it's total glory!

  2. It looks amazing -- I think your sashing choice really makes it! Have you seen any of Margaret's work? I shipped my Christmas quilt to her and I thought she did an great job at a reasonable cost! It made it from Ohio to Maine and back without a hitch!

  3. Great quilt,I love it! I made a quilt similar to yours and quilted as I went along.

    Natalia @ Piece and Quilt is an excellent machine quilter.