Saturday, November 20, 2010

of benedryl & pillows...

Oh the agony of sick days... If I were to be forced to take nearly a week off of life, I would have preferred to be able to function! I mean how much fun is a week off where you can't manage to even sew?! [I think missing my sewing machine may even have made me sicker] But I am back in action [mostly]. I wanted to show you the latest addition to my pillow obsession. Meet the crabby pillow!

Inspired by the Caribbean. We have many grand adventures while cruising, some more comical than others. At one of the beaches, they had these collapsible 'tents' for shade. So we picked one up and when we did the tiniest, and daintiest of crabs wandered out. Surely, as a lover of nature and crabs, I lept for joy and scooched in for a closer look.... umm no, I squealed fearing certain death if it came near.

This crabby pillow is much more cuddly. I am very proud of my original design. He was a time consuming little number. I made about a billion half square triangles to make up the zig-zag wave. It was lots of fun to use up a bunch of scraps: Summer in the City, Amy Butler, Flights of Fancy, and MoMo coupled with kona in bone. Then the million lines of zig-zag quilting :)

I was disappointed to have to miss out on this round of the Pillow Talk Swap... Just too many other life commitments this time of year. But if my crabby pillow has peaked your interest, and you are looking for more pillows - check out the flickr group!


  1. this little crab is too adorable.

  2. Just saw this pillow on Flickr and I love it!!! Well worth all the hard work, this is one of my FAVORITE color combos :-)

  3. Hope you are feeling all better by now! Seems like something crazy is going around at the moment. The pillow is adorable!! It reminds my of Ohlen's stage where he was terrified of crabs and always asked if they were going to come in the house and get him. :) (I have no idea where the fear came from.)

  4. I just found your pillow tutorial, thanks so much for posting! I am taking part in the Pillow Talk Swap for the first time, and am a bit intimidated by all of the gorgeousness in the flickr group, as I am still a bit of a beginner quilter!

  5. Cute pillow!

    One little question -- what's the blue fabric you backed it with? It's gorgeous!