Monday, March 11, 2013

cardinal love...

Just to be clear - this post is not about the cardinals who are vying to be the next Pope {i'm sure that was what you were thinking}. Rather, I am referring to some charming little birdies who graced my brother and brand new sister-in-laws wedding cake. How lucky am I that I got to make something so special for them!?

Let me tell you about this happy little couple {here they are at the World of Coca-Cola on their honeymoon}. I am just pretty sure they would be content spending the rest of their lives sitting in their apartment, drinking tea, and watching movies together. They're pretty relaxed and chill - which is difficult for the type-a perfectionist in me. Beyond wanting cardinals (and NOT 2 male cardinals) I was given free range. I made 3 different toppers for them to choose from.

I'm not sure why it's so much fun to dress up animals - I loved making the top hat and veil, adding in all the feathers and little details... I modge-podged a page from an old poetry book onto the lid for a papier mache box. Their cake was a single layer, so they asked me to cover the bottom of the box as well - the finish product made it look like they had a little second tier on their cake.

There is alot of touch-up work that goes into these birds. If you've ever purchased these craft birds, you know what I am talking about. Trimming feathers, painting beaks, repairing wire legs, the occasional lop sided eye :)

Need some birds for your wedding? I will be taking on a couple of special orders for cardinal cake toppers in my etsy shop.

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