Friday, February 8, 2013

sisterhood of the traveling pinnie...

Months ago I joined in a finish-a-long, and while the deadline has long been in the rear-view mirror - I am still busy at work completing projects! My first llama pinnie encounter was on pinterest {I have some friends who own a llama farm, and quite frankly I just think they are among the coolest of animals!} It was love at first pin; I needed to have one of my very own. I don't know about you, but I have found myself with an abundance of pinnies over the last few years. Wonderful to look at, lots of fun to create, but rarely used in my sewing space. I'm okay with that - a painting isn't utilitarian, and people collect art, right?

Anyways - once I made my way to Tractor Supply Company to purchase a Schleich llama, I found an overwhelming number of other small animals begging to be made into pincushions. 'Pick me!' said the cow, and the deer, and the pig, and the squirrel, and the bison, and the giraffe, and the t-rex... and the tiny donkey! I couldn't just leave him there, right?

My mother in law - who is an amazing crafter - needlefelted 2 small spheres to coordinate with the little blankets I had made for them. Hot glue was my friend for this project - especially to attach that little ball trim!

So first up were pinnies that (if they were real animals) could travel, and in keeping with that theme I wanted to share this pinnie I put together for when I travel. It's made with an old metal salt/pepper shaker that had lost it's top. I spray painted a jam jar lid, and attached a vintage crocheted flower I found to the top.

The underside of the lid is fitted with a pincushion (just a circle, gathered at the edges, stuffed, and then held in place with stitches in a star pattern over the top). Lots of odds and ends fit inside: a seam ripper, mini scissors, needles, thread, and a tape measure.

Now I need to actually travel with a project! I always end up spending so much time packing clothes, that I lack the time to pick a project out to take with me.


  1. I love your little traveling animal pincushions, their blankets are just great! And the salt shaker tin kit is amazing, love this, I intend to copy this somewhat ASAP, as I found myself with time and NO NEEDLE just yesterday, arrrgh! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Adorable. Love these projects and will be pinning them so I won't forget. Any suggestions for the needle felted balls your Mom made for those of us who don't do that? :)