Friday, April 20, 2012

the finished flock...

I am off to a quick start with all of my finish-a-long projects for this quarter! Do you have any of those projects that can only be described as 'a long time in the making'? My flying geese quilt that I have dubbed 'the flock' is the very first full size quilt top I completed [it's a queen size], and probably one of the first big sewing projects I worked on. As I look through my stash I am reminded about my 'urgency' when it comes to buying things, especially fabric. I found this pattern in a quilt magazine in 2001, determined to make it, I bought all the fabric necessary along with ample fabric for pillows, pillowcases, even enough green solid to make a flat sheet. How ambitious, yes the quilt is FINALLY finished, but the pillow and bedding fabric remains folded or on bolts :)

This was before my 'modern' phase, so the colors are a little darker and distressed. It was also before I really knew what I was doing, so there are quite a few squished beaks on the geese.

LABELS: If you don't do this, you need to! I have quilts that my grandma and great grandma made - I think. There is no label, no information, no remembrance of when or for who. It is kind of sad to know that every quilt has a story, but it can't be known or told. This is a little big, but I like it all the same :) I used printable fabric; for more ideas on labels, check out this post.

Robyn Pandolph [who still designs, though not for Moda] designed this grouping called Morning Glory. The line included prints and homespuns [woven plaids] - which makes for an awesome assortment of textures. Still creating wonderful floral prints, you can pick up some of her newer RJR fabrics over at the fat quarter shop.

Quilt Started: 2001 / Binding Finished: 2012
Only 11 years to finish - do you have any projects that have been hanging around your craft area that long [that you're willing to admit]?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it's a zoo + finish-a-long...

My name is Heidi and I love vintage kitsch. There is my confession. I enjoy my small, but lovingly currated, collection of vintage pyrex. When we cleared out my grandparent's farm before auction, I picked the items no one else wanted {furniture with "character", bits of old fabric, christmas ornaments in disrepair, rusty bits and bobs}. When I saw the Indygo Junction patterns for these little circus performers, I knew my shelves needed them!

The elephant came first... I think he is adorable with his little stick legs. That sparkly bauble is a button salvaged from my grandma's house.

This little piggy went to the circus. The elephant and piggy are similar in construction. I really enjoy the decorating and detail work on them - choosing that perfect trim or paper for their hats.

Mouse in the house. She is just adorable. What's cropped out in this picture is a little pink balloon made out of paperclay. Paperclay is a wonderful air-dry clay that is easy to work with and acrylic paint friendly. If anyone has some great suggestions on how to store paperclay long term, I would love to hear them. I don't use it often enough and it seems I am always throwing some dried-out bits away no matter how many ziploc bags I use.

Monkey see monkey do. I love this little juggler - again with the help of paperclay! In case you wondered what the rest of the monkey {& mouse} look like, here is a full photo. The legs are pipecleaners wrapped with floral tape and then painted - a new technique for me!

This post is two-fold: I wanted to show off my circus folks, but also share with you the Finish-A-Long happening over at Quilter in the Gap. I have long talked about my box of unfinished objects {UFOs}. Each quarter you share what you plan to finish, link up to her site, then add links to your finished projects at the end of 3 months. I'm excited to get to work + there are great prizes at the end of each round! Worst case scenario, I get some work done! So my first hope-to-finish is the last 2 circus animals that I want to make - a lion and a horse {possibly a unicorn}. I have all of the supplies out to make them - even little legs and arms all painted up for Mr. Lion. But these little guys are pretty time consuming with all their details.

Next up is this wreath. I had grand plans to get it finished in February for valentine's day. I want to make a variety of felt flowers just like I did for the Christmas wreath I made.

My last hope-to-finish is the binding on this queen sized quilt. I don't want to reveal too much until I am completely finished.

I hope you are enjoying Spring - it always seems like the best time of year for a fresh start!

Monday, April 2, 2012

giveaway winner + shop news...

In the last two weeks...
- I've been sick... CHECK
- I've had technology issues... CHECK
- I've had more work than 24 hours could hold... CHECK
- I've had some personal challenges to work through... CHECK
- I've been waiting for the promised delivery of the book I am in... CHECK
- My sewing machine needed serviced... CHECK
- Life has made me too tired to look at editing pictures and writing up posts... CHECK

Now that we are finished with the excuse portion of this post, now on to the apology section. I am so sorry that I have been a poor blogger! I ask your forgiveness for not posting a giveaway winner as I promised. To shed some light on my absenteeism, crafting and blogging are part of a very slim category in my life known as 'hobbies.' Crafting is a stress reliever, not work, something I like to do, just for me - I try not to step into the treacherous territory of 'having' to sew or blog. I really enjoy sewing and blogging, and I would like to keep on 'liking' them :)

Anyways... onto the WINNER!! The proud new owner of a copy of Seaside Home is [drumroll please] Susan! [special thanks to the random number generator!] Please email me your mailing information, and I will throw in a little something along with the book since you were forced to wait on this announcement. Thanks to all who read my blog and entered! If you didn't win, the book is available NOW in my etsy shop :)

Also, as pennance, if you use the code SUMMERFUN you can get 25% off any pillow in my shop. Hope to blog with you all again very soon!