Saturday, June 25, 2011

spring has sprung...

Yep, spring sprung, and sprang out of here! I feel like my poor neglected blog missed a season. My sewing crafting space, however, was certainly active place to be. A combination inspiration and the need to save some pennies led to a few creations I sold through my etsy and my lqs. Pinnies have proven quite addictive. I found these egg cups and knew just what they were destined for.

It is always fun to dig through the scrap box and dig out the perfect little piece of leftover fabric and the button that adds a little extra.

Another find was this 9 compartment egg tray, it is still under construction :)

The spring line up doesn't stop there - I was looking through some vintage homemaker magazines and found this little applique pattern. Hubby doesn't quite get pink birds, but I enjoyed mixing up the colors.

I hope your spring was a memorable one - I have lots to show and tell!

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  1. Those bunnies are adorable! I like the birdies too. Are those on tea towels? Spring went by entirely too fast this year. Probably because it was so cold at the beginning. And now we are having a cool start to summer... go figure. Can't wait to see the rest of your projects! Someday my sewing machine will make it out of it's bag... :)