Friday, May 6, 2011

lovely baby twisters...

I've said it here before [and, you guessed it, I will say it again] I enjoy a good baby quilt. They are such great, personal gifts that last AND I get to try out some new patterns and tools in a relatively quick-finish project. Without further ado - Baby Miah's new quilt!

Though I have had my very own lil' twister for months, I have never found the opportunity to put it to work. Quilts made with this tool have been popping up all over the place with great result. You get a complex look with a little less complexity. My only issues: 1) I found it awkward to cut around all sides of the template, my arm/wrist just doesn't bend that way + 2) there is a lot of fabric wasted. I also worked on my machine quilting skills... kinda :) I chickened out and didn't use the walking or darning feet - I just used a wide stitch length, a lot of basting, and my regular 1/4" foot. Except for having to turn the quilt a little too often, I think it was smooth sailing and looks pretty good.

This project made quick work of a Lovely charm pack that I won in the Blogger's quilt along. I hope Baby Miah will have many happy memories with this quilt. What are you thoughts on quilts as gifts? [or any handy crafted gifts] How do you decide who will get something from the store or something from the sewing machine?


  1. Baby Miah will just love it!!! But what waste?? Those little "squares" left over can be cut and sewn together to use in a little accent border. Visit my friend Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works and check out her blog of April 6th.

  2. This is so super cute! Miah will adore it!

  3. It's all good. Love the colors and the pattern. I have almost always given important gifts, of the handmade type. Mainly because that it what I enjoy. There are over a dozen quilts out there with my name on them and I have never made on for myself....... perhaps this year?????

  4. I think for me it is all about time. There are a few people that I really wanted to make something for, but time caught me off guard. Maybe someday I will get something to them, with a belated celebration card. :) In fact, I currently have some flannel cut and pinned and ready to sew into a nice cozy baby blanket for a friend; their little guy was born in Feb... Life is just a tad crazy at the moment.
    And I love the baby quilt, so bright and adorable. I love that it is ok to give babies bright and vibrant things now - instead of just all pastels. :)