Friday, October 22, 2010

pièce de résistance...

How very international of me to have a blog post title in French :D I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share my finished wonky log cabin! All quilted up by the wonderful ladies in the quilting group at UCC. I love the finished look - clean, modern, fun, bright.

The quilting is simple and clean - a diagonal grid. The grid on the center is slightly larger than the one used on the border. A quick job of marking with a quilting ruler!

And no bed is complete without a mountain of pillows! These were some of the first pillows I made [and clearly I liked them as I haven't been able to stop making pillows since!]

Best of all, the warm and white batting is so cozy; and that's important as the nights get colder! Sophie definitely approves :D I have to add that, even though this photo looks posed - there is no other photo I could have taken. I tried to take a pic without her in it, but she is a persistent little bug and kept jumping on the bed!


  1. this is beautiful...i see your model is loving it too

  2. Just gorgeous!! I just love, love, love this quilt.

  3. I still love that Urban Chicks line. You've made it a show-stopper! The strip of blue/grey (Amy Butler?) is a perfect companion because it really punches up the "bright" and brings in the wall color as part of the design. Overall, well thought-out and implemented plan! Thanks for the inspiration♥