Monday, March 15, 2010

wild thyme on the couch...

Did I mention my current obsession with pillows?! I think so. Here is the latest addition to my collection. Our couch needed some sprucing up, a combination of reasons really: bought from value city + 7 years old + light beige + a little dog who has claimed a section for her own + hundreds of kids who like to 'wrestle' [not at one time, that would seriously mess up the couch] = a tired, slightly dingy sofa. Oh yes, we have steam cleaned it and that helps [some]. Anyhow - what can bring a couch back to life better than a throw pillow?!

The center square is Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin and the border is a cotton linen. I am way in love with the Wild Thyme line. I didn't realize how in love until I found an eco*jot journal I bought a year ago with the same pattern on it! I layered the completed top with warm and natural batting and machine quilted a grid onto it. The process went fairly smoothly; it took a long time to tuck in all of the start and stop threads. [I just threaded the threads into a needle and pulled them through to the back]

Again with the piping. It takes a million years and a billion pins, but I think it looks really spiffy when it's all said and done!

I kinda went crazy and made five of these pillows. I only need two for my couch, so you can have a Wild Thyme of your own over at my etsy! [haha - it's a pun :]

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  1. Love these pillows . . . they look great! Thanks for the tip on tucking the start/stop threads in the back . . . I hadn't thought of that!